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Match Report for Cup Competition at Welton

Posted by Mike Moore on 23/09/2013 at 08:57

The match report is now up for the cup competition at Welton. Thank you to the team for helping to make standing in as coach for the day very easy for me and thank you to the parents who helped me out finding the positions and to James for refereeing.

Sunday 3rd February 2013 vs Fishtoft

Posted by Mark Sugden on 05/02/2013 at 21:35

Apologies for not getting anything up any earlier. I took to my sick bed on Sunday night and only got out of it a few hours ago. This won't be a long one I'm afraid, but I wanted to drag myself to the computer and write something because I felt the boy's performance was excellent and the result doesn't do them any justice.

To start with we only had 7 players, Tyler, Dylan, Ben P, Ben C, Reilly, George and Woody, who was playing outfield for only the second time this season, and being asked to play in defence which he's not done for us before. Everyone else had been hit with illness. Not that we felt like Fishtoft were rubbing our noses in it with their frequent substitutions.

Considering this is only our 3rd game since 16th December and we've only trained twice since then, the boys were really up for it. Ben C and Ben P switched their usual outfield roles, with Ben C dropping into the middle, and Ben P taking up right of midfield. And we were doing well in attack, pressing for the ball in midfield and playing it forward nicely. Ben, Ben, and George all showed well in attack. Only Reilly seemed to be struggling, staying quite deep. We had spoken before the game about how Woody was playing in defence for the first time, and I think suconsiously he was hanging back so he could help out in defence.

We got an early break as a mazy run from Ben C drew a foul right on the edge of the box. Ben stepped up to take the free kick and very confidently smashed it into the top left corner. 1-0 and we were looking on top.

Dylan and Tyler were also having an amazing game. At one point Tyler was caught out of position, and their player had a clear shot. I braced myself for the goal when, apparently out of nowhere, Dylan powered across and nicked it off his toe. That really was the only time Tyler was caught out. As in the last game, he was doing really well in goal. I can't believe how much he's growing and the training with Nick, especially at getting off his line and closing down, is really paying off.

The other highlight of the half was George. We've talked with him a lot about his ball control, and about being stronger on the ball. And he did all of that and more. If he went down, he was straight back up, and when he had the ball at his feet, he controlled it really well and was able to hold up the play until someone joined him. He was on his own a couple of times as Reilly was staying deep, and the 2 Bens were struggling a bit to adapt to their new positions, but rather than panic, he just kept possession and when someone joined him, he looked for the pass.

A sucker punch came with the last kick of the half as it did against Greenbank just before Christmas. It was actually an excellent goal as the Fishtoft player switched the ball from his right foot to his left and struck a really clean shot past Tyler.

Second half saw Ben and Ben switch and we started really strongly again. Reilly seemed more confident pushing forward, and was pressing really well down the left. His touch was also really good and the only thing letting him down was that he looked for the killer through ball to George one time too often. He had chances to run at their players and he was having one of those days where he could easily have skinned them.

Ben P was also having another good game, and his engine never stopped. He has the potential to be a really good box to box midfielder. Woody was struggling a bit, but that was to be expected. Dylan has played 30 games for us, 29 of those in defence: this was Woody's first. He was starting to get frustrated and tired as he's not as used to the pace, or knowing where to be normally being in goal. But I am proud of him as he didn't give up and was prepared to play in that position in the first place for the team. And that counts for a lot.

In the end we just ran out of steam, and they nicked 2 in the last few minutes, as our boys looked dead on their feet. Like I said the score didn't do the performace justice. A draw was the least we deserved. They just had more energy (more subs) and a player who could kick the ball hard and on target when it counted.

George won man of the match for showing such improvement in his control, and also because he played the last 8 minutes after quite a bad knock on his ankle and never stopped trying. I still maintain that we are going in the right direction, and one day a team is going to be on the end of a Tiger's thumping. When that happens, and the boys see what they're really capable of then everyone else better watch out.


A Great Weekend of Football

Posted by Mark Sugden on 11/12/2012 at 21:52

I'm not talking about the Manchester derby, or the spirited comebacks by both Merseyside teams, but about the 2 displays by the Under 8s this weekend just gone. Having to play Saturday and Sunday matches to cover some postponed games, any worries about them tiring over the course of the weekend were totally unfounded.

First up Saturday was a game against the Greenbank Cobras. We had earned a hard fought draw at their place earlier in the season, and although this time the result was also a draw, I believe we were much the better team. Despite going a goal down to a lucky corner which bounced in of several players, we worked hard to get ourselves back on level pegging after determined play from George.

The most encouraging thing about the display was how everything that we have been working on in training is coming together. Both Woody and Ben C had great games in goal with very safe hands. Indeed Woody pulled off the most spectacular double save I have ever seen. After a shaky first half which saw him taken off after 10 minutes, Reilly came back on in the second half to put in his best display yet, running well with the ball, passing, and tracking back to make some crucial challenges.

George also had perhaps his best game yet, not just scoring but also dribbling well. He made a lovely little move down the right hand side in the second half, weaving through a couple of players before laying the ball out to Ben P. Ben P stood in for Jobey as captain, and had another great game. He somehow manages to be everywhere, which is what is needed from our midfield general.

Finally our defence was really solid, playing just as we have coached them with 1 player going to make the tackle and the other providing the cover to sweep up. Dylan and Ethan gave solid performances as they often do in defence, but it was Alfie who really shone during his second half. He took on the role of pressing player, but was being smart and pressing on the half way line which helped us to keep the ball in their half a lot more and meant our goal was rarely under threat. In fact Ben C actually came up to me after the game and said that he'd hardly had anything to do.

This was a display which showed real progress, against a team which beat us very easily 6-0 at home last season (as Claytons).

If Greenbank were a strong team, then Nettleham were well drilled and well disciplined. They have been quite successful so far this season, so when we turned up there on Sunday morning, I just told the boys to do everything that they had done on the Saturday hoping that it would stand us in good stead against them.

Jobey and Alfie lined up at the back, and without our usual front 2 of George or Reilly, Ethan and Dylan took a half each up front. It was also an opportunity to put Woody out pitch in the midfield role where he could use his kicking and strength.

The first 5 minutes saw something of an onslaught on our goal, but we reacted well by getting back to defend, and unlike on some occasions this season, not being afraid to get in and make the tackle when needed. Woody was a little surprised at first at how much he needed to actually run, but once he understood what was needed of him he worked really hard. It's was a big ask to go from very little running about to full speed ahead, but he coped well.

As the half wore on we did start to break out a little, and although he didn't get many opportunities, Ethan tried hard up front to have an impact, dropping deeper to pick up the ball if necessary, or running ahead of the player with the ball into space.

We came off at half time 1-0 down after a late goal which was the result of some good Nettleham play. We came back out in the second half and proceeded to launch an all out assault on their goal. It all started from the back with Jobey and Alfie pressing high up the pitch. Ben P would then pick up the resulting loose balls, and either run forward or make great passes to Cameron or Fenton. They would then look to move the ball forwards while Dylan tried to get into space so he could be available for the shot. We equalised early on after a corner came to Ben P, who worked it out to Callum who threaded it into the box for Dylan to score. At that point we were pinging the ball around like Barcelona (I kid you not). It was a really proud moment because all 3 of us have tried to coach the boys to play football, really play like the professionals do. So to see them playing football properly was great.

Unfortunately we couldn't seem to put our chances in the net, and Nettleham managed to get back in the game. 2 quick attacks from them which saw us pulled totally out of shape chasing the ball, and they were 3-1 up. But our spirit is strong, and we soon got back into the game, Dylan notching up his second. Not bad for someone usually played in defence. His defending was proving to be a real bonus, because as soon as we lost possession in their area, he would look to win it straight back which meant we could keep the pressure on their goal.

Nettleham added another near the close with a very well worked free kick. I would argue that a draw was a fair result, it was probably our best footballing performance yet. And if we can play like this going forward, then there are more games to be won.

No man of the match against Greenbank, instead we gave it to the whole team for a wonderful group effort. On Sunday it went to Alfie for what was easily his best game, and coming on the back of a great half on Saturday. He set the example for how we need to defend in all of our games, pressing with a high line to keep the ball in the opposition half. It was an intelligent display. It helped that on both days he had Ethan and Jobey behind him doing a great job as sweepers.

Points to improve on are keeping on our feet more (we go over easier than Luis Suarez on an ice rink) and keeping our shape. Nettleham showed how to do that, and their second and third goals came because our players got drawn to the ball while their's kept their shape and so had free players in lots of space. The good thing is that we know we can coach the kids, and on the evidence of this weekend, they're listening and learning.

As always thanks for your continued support. It's fantastic. Mark

Weekends Football 8th and 9th December

Posted by Mark Sugden on 07/12/2012 at 20:52

Details of this weekends games.

Saturday 8th December vs Greenbank Cobras. Kick off 2:15pm (be there for 1:30)

Team: Woody, Ben C, Ben P, Reilly, George, Fenton, Alfie, Dylan, Ethan, Callum.

Sunday 9th December vs Nettleham. Kick off 10:45 (be there for 10:15)

Location - Mulsanne Park, Nettleham, LN2 2RX

Team: Woody, Ben C, Ben P, Fenton, Alfie, Dylan, Ethan, Callum, Jobey, Tyler.

See you all there guys, wrap up warm!!


Money, money, money

Posted by Mark Sugden on 09/10/2012 at 21:58

I need your ideas for ways we can raise money for the club. It was discussed and decided at Sunday's committee meeting that each team needs to run at least 1 fund-raising event before the end of the season, so let us have your ideas on how we can get some pennies (or rather pounds) in.

As you know the club is run by volunteers, and alongside your monthly subs, relies very heavily on fund-raising to keep going. We're a victim of our own success really, and have grown into such a large club, that it costs more each year to keep us in kits, equipment and training facilities.

So get the grey matter working and let's come up with a few ideas and show that Under *'s are the best age group in the club.

Thanks as always for your support


Go on Blog us, let the boys read some good praise!!!

Posted by Jay Child on 02/10/2012 at 22:04

Feel free to write a blog about something good you have seen the boys do, either individually or as a team, it would be nice for them to see some feedback from you all.
It's really easy, just log in by clicking the link underneath, log in with your username and password, (or create one if you haven't yet) and away you go.
Please stick to good constructive comments any critisism or negative comments pass them on to Mark, Jay or Nick so we can sort them, it may be something that can help the team move forward, we are only parents too and appreciate any help we can get.

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